YUNEEC Typhoon-H

YUNEEC Typhoon-H Landing Page

Apr 2016

Behind the Scene

Beginning of the Story

Drones have been very popular lately, so I get motivated to build a drone website's landing page.
This project will help develop my adaptability to differently themed website designs.

Design Philosophy:

  • In this design, I strive for professionalism and conciseness.

Problem 1: How to get users to trust this product?

  • Solution: High-tech products like drones should leave users with the impression of being reliable and high-quality. Taking this factor into consideration, I choose dark grey for top navigation and footer, because this color gives people a feeling of dependability and calmness. The combination of dark grey and dark blue will increase the sense of high-end and high-tech. In addition, the high-resolution product pictures guarantee that users can see the details clearly.

Problem 2: How to highlight product description?

  • Solution: I use rounded-rectangles to highlight key points. This type of design makes the website clean and concise.